Zastava ZPAP85 AK Pistol 5.56 NATO/223, 10″ Chrome Lined Barrel, Dark Wood, Buldged Trunnion 30rd


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Brand: Zastava Firearms
Manufacturer Number:ZP85556
Caliber:223 Remington
Unit of Measure: Inch
Classification: Firearm


The ZPAP85 includes these features:
chrome lined barrel,bulged trunnion,
1.5mm dimpled receiver,
hinged top cover,
krinkov style rear sight,
dual aperture front sight,
bolt hold open notch on the selector

chrome lined barrel
bulged trunnion
1.5 mm receiver
5.56x45mm caliber
Semi automatic action
30 1 round capacity
10″ cold hammer forged barrel
Stamped steel receiver
Corrosion resistant hard nickel molly steel bolt carrier
Hinged top cover
Bolt hold-open notch on the safety selector
Krinkov style rear, post front sights
Synthetic grip
Wood handguard
19.3″ overall length
Weight is 6.6 lbs

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