300 Blackout 168 grain BTHP-M @ 1,800 fps. Bulk


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Bullet Weight: 168 Grains.
Bullet Type: Hornady BTHP-Match
Muzzle Velocity: 1,800 fps.
Muzzle Energy: 1,209 ft. lbs.

AR-15, 8″ @ 1,736.57 fps.

AR-15, 16″ @ 1,810.32 fps

This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer primed, reloadable brass cases.


300 Blackout 168 grain

The 300 Blackout cartridge with a 168 grain boat-tailed hollow point match (BTHP-M) bullet traveling at 1,800 fps is a high-performance cartridge that is well suited for long-range target shooting. The heavy bullet weight and low velocity provide enhanced accuracy, making it an ideal choice for competitive shooters and long-range enthusiasts. “Bulk” typically refers to a large quantity of ammunition, so purchasing this cartridge in bulk would provide a sufficient amount of ammunition for extended shooting sessions or competition events.

The competition proven Hornady Boat Tail Hollow Point Match going supersonic.

Not all barrels are created equal, chronographs don’t always agree with each other and atmospheric conditions affect velocities. That being said, we believe that you can expect to get around 1,800 fps out of a 16″ barrel with this round.

In 1815, Joshua Shaw invented percussion caps, which replaced the flintlock trigger system. The new percussion caps allowed guns to shoot reliably in any weather condition.

The 300 cartridge uses a .308 diameter bullet, typically weighing between 110-220 grains, with the 168 grain weight being one of the most popular options for long-range shooting. This cartridge was designed to provide comparable ballistics to the 7.62x39mm in an AR-15 platform, allowing for a versatile, suppressed shooting experience in a compact package. When using a 168 grain bullet in 3 Blackout, shooters can expect good accuracy, effective energy transfer, and relatively low recoil.

300 Blackout 168 grain

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